United Ways of Tennessee brings together the statewide United Way network and partners from every sector—pubic, private, nonprofit—to create solutions that drive systemic change and ensure that there are services in place that can transform lives.  This includes robust public policy work at the federal, state, and local levels.  

In addition to building the advocacy capacity of our members locally, we educate and galvanize people to speak out for change on important community issues. This includes supporting early childhood, promoting youth development and success, ensuring family stability, helping build the workforce for economic success, strengthening communities, improving health and well-being, and fighting for special and at-risk populations.   

Click here to download the UWTN 2024 Public Policy Agenda 

United Ways of Tennessee supports advocating to create real change in state-wide public policy. 

Here in Tennessee, we made free breakfasts in public schools a reality. We've advocated for Kindergarten for all. We host a Day on the Hill every year so our member United Ways can meet with their elected officials and we can speak in unison on subjects that matter from education to opioid addiction. 

Policy change can be big or small. It can be petitioning your school board to require healthier cafeteria meals. It can be urging your government to invest more in schools, or make child tax credits permanent, or make more children eligible for health insurance. Or it can be mobilizing your contacts to speak out on a critical cause, in person or online. Here in Tennessee, we build capacity, educate, and mobilize grassroots movements. We also work with state and local agencies, mayors, school boards, and city councils, as well.  

We work with United Way Worldwide on federal issues too. To learn more about Public Policy at the federal level, follow this link:

To take action at the federal level, follow this link: