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More on readers, tutors and mentors

In most communities, there are a wide range of different opportunities for people with different interests and different schedules!  

Please note:  Some of our partner organizations that offer opportunities to volunteer with children and youth screen their volunteers in an effort to protect the vulnerable populations they serve.  This may include a background check. We have made an effort to develop a large database of volunteer opportunities to accommodate those with and without background checks--and the vast majority of our partners cover the costs of your screening and background check.  In addition, the amount of training you may need prior to volunteering will vary depending on the opportunity.  Lastly, please be aware that volunteer opportunities vary significantly in the time commitment required--from a one-time activity to a year-long interaction and engagement with a youth.  

Consider this information, and determine what is the right fit for you.  You could:



Read with a Child

Reading with children engages them in storytelling, opens their mind, and unlocks their imagination. It is a great way for volunteers to support literacy development. As a child grows, reading becomes increasingly important for understanding the world, achieving academic success and succeeding in the workforce. The foundation for reading reaches a critical juncture between kindergarten and third grade, when children develop the skills to find meaning in written text. Help a child learn to he or she can then read to learn!

Tutor a Child

Tutoring – instructing a child one-on-one or in small groups – has been shown to have positive effects on academic performance, especially with at-risk children experiencing reading problems. The literacy skills and academic supports that children and young people receive through tutoring solidify their efforts toward high school, college and career success. The foundation for tutoring reaches a critical juncture starting with third grade, when children’s reading skills enable them to learn and retain knowledge. Volunteer tutors can significantly improve our kids' academic success!


Mentor a Child

Sometimes kids just need to know that someone believes in them. Children and youth need more than academic supports to make it through school successfully. Caring adults support and guide them through their early years. Parents are a foundational resource to their children, but other adults can provide support as well by becoming mentors. Adult mentors provide emotional support that enhances a child’s self-esteem, foster self-control, and provide guidance and advice. Volunteer to build a relationship with a youth who needs a role model and a positive outlet!

For more information on the research supporting the need and impact of volunteer readers, tutors, and mentors, link here:
Link HERE for more information on the benefits of volunteering!


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